Documentary of the 15 Years of P&G's Support to Project Hope Documentary of the 15 Years of P&G's Support to Project Hope;

Documentary of the 15 Years of P&G's Support to Project Hope

Here records the milestones and precious moments of the 15 years

The 15th Anniversary of P&G's Support to Project Hope

"Touching lives, improving life" is the P&G's purpose. For more than 170 years, P&G brands and people have touched and improved consumers' lives. This commitment extends to our social investments.

Since 1996, P&G has joined hands with China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) to support Project Hope. In the past 15 years, P&G closely cooperated with CYDF to help needy children in poverty-stricken rural areas to have better access to education. By March 2011, P&G had cumulatively donated RMB 61 million to Project Hope, including RMB 12.26 million of donation from P&G Global Public Welfare Fund. P&G has built 200 P&G Hope Schools in 28 Chinese provinces. By far, P&G has built the most Hope Schools among all multinational corporations in China. In addition, P&G also facilitated 140 Happy Sports Yards, 120 Happy Music Classrooms, 100 Hope Libraries, 20 Health Sinks and 10 Happy Digital Theatres for the schools, donated 20 Hope computer classrooms together with business partners and arranged trainings for the teachers from P&G Hope Schools. More than 150,000 children and 4,000 teachers were benefited through these programs. The first batch of graduates from P&G Hope Schools, such as: Xie Hu, Shen Zonghui and Liu Yanyan have started their career life. The student life in P&G Hope Schools has changed their paths of life.

In the past 15 years, P&G created its own charity model in a practical and innovative spirit, i.e.: Start with P&G and our employees, join hands with business and charity partners, together with consumers, we help needy children live, learn and thrive.This model closely links P&G including its employees and business partners, consumers, the charity partners with common vision and needy children together. Of the 200 Hope Schools built by P&G, 35 were built together with our partners, and 16 were built together with our employees. 16 P&G brands participated in the co-sponsoring of P&G Hope Schools, including Safeguard, Whisper and Tide. From 1996 to 2009, more than 325 million Chinese consumers participated in the P&G Hope School themed sales campaign jointly organized by P&G and its business partners. More than 1,500 P&G Greater China employees acted as "tutors" and actively participated in the voluntary activities of P&G Hope Schools. Besides, through further knowing the actual needs of P&G Hope Schools, P&G kept introducing innovative charity programs, such as: "P&G Hope School Happy Sports Year" and "P&G Hope School Happy Music Years", provided a successful experimental foundation for CYDF's final formation of "Project Hope Happy Sports" and "Project Hope Happy Music" charity products and made important contribution to promoting the sustainable development of Project Hope. P&G and CYDF jointly launched "P&G Hope School Happy Health Campaign" in 2010 to upgrade the hardware and software facilities of P&G Hope Schools for health, and hygiene education. The practice was promoted among all Hope schools in China. CYDF spoke highly of the P&G's charity model. This model will be written into Chinese history as a paragon in charitable educational aid.

The P&G Hope School program has received vigorous support of the local governments at all levels. By now, the construction of P&G Hope Schools has resulted in more than RMB 40 million of the matched educational funds from the local governments at all levels and the matched donations from other groups, organizations and individuals. Meanwhile, P&G's long-term commitment to Project Hope have won high recognition. At the end of 2008, P&G won the "China Philanthropy Award 2008" from Chinese Ministry of Civil Affairs. It is a top government award in Chinese philanthropy field. In November 2009, at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Project Hope, P&G received the "Award for Outstanding Contribution to Project Hope" from CYDF. It is a top honor of Project Hope ever issued in the 20 years. Besides,P&G also have won a large number of other honors for many times, such as: "Leadership Award of China Citizenship Action", "Guangming Charity Award", "Hurun's Charity List", "'Southern Weekend' Award for Contribution of MNC in China", "'China Business News Daily' Corporate Responsibility Award", "'21st Century Business Herald' Award for Best Corporate Citizens", "'Foreign Investment in China' Award for MostChina-focused MNC", "'Guangzhou Daily' Award for Benevolent Companies".

P&G Hope School "Vision 2020"

I. By 2010,to build 200 P&G Hope Schools by 2010. (completed)

II. By 2015, to build the 200 P&G Hope Schools as model schools among their peers.

III. By 2020, to further build the 200 P&G Hope Schools not only a fun place for children to live, learn and thrive, but also a learning, information and culture center of the community.